Man Vs Food in Perth Restaurant Challenge

It’s been a Perth restaurant promotion idea that has captured the imagination of locals and onlookers alike – the challenge of man versus food. There is an array of prizes on offer such as having your food for free, a t-shirt proclaiming you as a challenge winner, your image on the hall of fame (or maybe shame…) or your name proudly recorded alongside other eating challenge champions.

The team from WA today took it upon themselves to test out a local Perth restaurant eating challenge and the results were nothing if no entertaining. You can find their detailed story below.

If you’re heading into Northbridge anytime before Sunday, a word of advice… bring a doggy bag.

Unless polishing off a 1kg hamburger or 40cm chilli hot dog is your thing.

The Northbridge Brewing Company has brought much joy and (eventual) mess to the faces of fans of hit US TV series Man v. Food with its own whopping version for Perth’s big eaters.

Share or man up solo on massive menu items like Flock of the Fried (1kg of fried chicken, duck wings, charred chicken thigh and turkey drumsticks) or Fear the Wurst (700g pork knuckle, German mustard potato salad, three bratswurst sausages and a pretzel), both new additions for the hungry to take on this year.

Those who attempt to finish an entire dish solo can have their feat timed, with the fastest feaster getting their name chalked on the brewery’s coveted Man v Food leaderboard and some well-earned prizes (thankfully not food vouchers).

Renowned big-food eaters Chompomatic and the Polish Piranha have tackled the menu, the latter somehow swallowing four of NBC’s 1kg burgers… one of them in just three minutes.

Big-eating experts suggest those braving the challenge to drink plenty of water and eat fast… although others think consuming lots of fizzy drink and taking it slow is the way to go.

WAtoday manned up on Tuesday to tackle menu favourite the Jacked Up Double Angus Burger (2 x 300g Angus patties from Torre butchers, 200g rindless rib bacon, 120g beer cheese, 240g brioche bun) and another newcomer, Too Beaucoup Banh Mi (500g pork belly in a 45cm baguette), described by colleague Brendan Foster as the “John Holmes of the baguette world”.

While Foster unsurprisingly fell short with his baguette, and I could manage only half of the humungous hamburger, (downing a pint just before eating isn’t wise preparation), at the table next to us, Mix 94.5’s Pete Curulli earned a standing ovation from random pub patrons for downing the 1kg burger in a painful 25 minutes – his last bite taking a full five minutes to swallow.


A few teething problems emerged after our attempt – for one, NBC’s bathrooms are on the second level (you’ve earned the right to take the elevator available), and the cubicles were dangerously low on toilet paper.

Article originally posted on WA today


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