Casting Calls & Auditions For Kids

How to Raise a Confident Child
Personal confidence is what leads us to success, independence, and happiness. As a parent, there are several steps you can[...]
The Importance of YOU!
If your child loves acting and modeling, many factors will nudge them towards success: their determination, applying to countless auditions,[...]
How to Master a Cold Read During an Audition
What is a cold read? A cold read is when an actor is asked to read from a script with[...]
Answering YOUR Questions on Kids’ Modeling
KidsCasting is first and foremost a community of parents who strive to give their kids the best opportunities out there.[...]
The Benefits of Musical Theater Training
Musical theatre is a form of performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. But you don’t have to[...]
How Do Child Actors Film Horror Movies?
2017 is not over yet, but this year’s biggest box-office hit is already here, and it’s been a long time[...]
Creative Halloween Activities for Kids
Aside from Christmas, it’s hard to think of a holiday that kids enjoy more than Halloween. But this fun and[...]
The Importance of Prosthetic Makeup in Film and TV
The process of creating a believable film or TV show is a difficult one, which requires various professionals to work[...]
How to Stand Out During an Audition
An audition is usually a relatively short process. An actor only has 10-15 minutes to WOW the casting team and[...]
How Acting Helps Develop Humanity
Most parents wish for their child to grow up a kind-hearted, empathetic person. Someone who is able to understand feelings[...]
Your Guide to Baby Modeling
Many parents dream to see their adorable baby on the cover of a magazine or in commercials for their favorite[...]
Creative Thanksgiving Activities for Kids
This Thanksgiving, we encourage you to turn off the TV and video games and get your kids participate in these[...]
How to Succeed With KidsCasting
Do you believe you are raising a future star? Or has your kid showed interest in performing? In either case,[...]
5 Ways Your Kid Can Practice Acting At Home
Your kid may have already started auditioning. Or maybe you are just beginning to apply to casting calls. Either way,[...]
Creative Christmas Gifts for Kids and Teens
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to spoil your young actor or model with creative gifts they’ll[...]
Christmas Movies for the Whole Family
'Tis the season to watch the best Christmas movies for kids, with classics like Home Alone and Grinch. Why not[...]
What NOT to Do at a Casting
We always discuss tips and tricks for helping you kid land a callback, from sharing our favorite acting monologues to[...]
Young Actors Who Rocked 2017
2017 brought us so many great performances by young actors, both in TV and film. In fact, one can say[...]

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