Creative Halloween Activities for Kids

Aside from Christmas, it’s hard to think of a holiday that kids enjoy more than Halloween. But this fun and festive time can be more than just about candy and costumes. We’ve assembled four fun Halloween-themed activities that kids can enjoy at home while developing their creativity!

This fun Halloween game is a great chance for kids to use their imagination and dress-up in fun costumes!

How to play: Fill two suitcases or large boxes with an equal amount of clothing, hats, and scarfs, and place them at the end of the room. Divide the players into two groups (same number of players in each team). First, each team should pick their “model” – one player who will showcase the costume. Then each team must create one original costume from available clothing items. There’s no winner in this game, just a fun activity. The teams can swap items with each other and work in collaboration.

What you’ll need: Two suitcases or boxes; variation of clothing (hats, scarves, jackets, skirts, pants, boots, and so on)

Why play it: First of all, kids of all ages love to play dress up. Second, this activity will develop creative thinking and be a great group activity. If your kid enjoys playing dress up and pretends to be other characters, we advise you to introduce them to acting and modeling as a hobby – a great creative activity for kids!

A fun Halloween variation of the classic party game Guess Who!

Your little Halloween party guests will love this game! But it’s especially useful if your child has invited a group of kids who may not know each other very well. This game is a great way to get everyone acquainted.

How to play: Tape a character name (use kid-friendly characters from cartoons, kids’ movies, children’s book, or any Halloween-related characters) on kids backs and give them clues to help them figure out who the character is. Tell all the kids that they aren’t allowed to tell someone the character that’s on their back unless they make a right guess. Encourage the kids to ask each other “yes” or “no” questions so they can find out what character is on their back.
When a person guesses the character right, they’re allowed to move the label off their back and onto the front of their body. This way everyone will know who’s made a correct guess.

Halloween character ideas: Frankenweenie, Dracula, Elvira, Ghost, Casper, Werewolf, Zombie, Monster

Get the kids moving with this awesome dance game!

The premise of the game is to dance while the music is playing but as soon as it stops everyone has to freeze. Whoever moves while the music is off, loses the game. Encourage the kids to move like their Halloween characters would. For example, a mummy and a zombie would move slowly, while a vampire would be circling around the room like a bat using their cloak!

What you need: A source of music (CD player, sound system, or a smartphone)
Optional: Halloween-themed music

How to play: Gather the “monsters” around a room, and start playing the music. Then randomly stop it. Whoever moves while the music is off, loses the game. Repeat until there’s only one monster left dancing!

Why play it: Physical activity is a great way for kids to get moving during the party and use that energy they have collected with all the Halloween candy. Dance games are proven to better posture in kids, body movement, and coordination. And if your kid is into acting or modeling, those qualities will be a bonus in their performance.

A fun game that’s all about balance!

Create a simple spider web out of tape on your carpet. The spider web should be big enough for a child to be able to walk on it’s edges. Inside the web scatter around plastic spiders, and the prize at the end of the web. The rule of this game is to stay on the web and pick up all the spiders then the prize without falling off the web.

What you’ll need: A cleared out space (preferably carpeted); painter’s tape (use tape of different patterns for a more colorful web); small plastic spiders (available at most decoration stores); A piece of candy (or any other small prize).

Why play it: This game guarantees lots of giggles! Plus it will require balance and coordination to win this game, which are both important for overall development!

Use these fun games at Halloween parties, play dates, or simply when the weather isn’t great for outside activities. And stay tuned for our special Halloween surprise coming to you next week! 🎃

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