The Importance of YOU!

If your child loves acting and modeling, many factors will nudge them towards success: their determination, applying to countless auditions, and of course their natural talent. But the most important part of your child’s success is on you, the parent. Kid actors and models with supportive, encouraging parents are far more likely to succeed in this demanding business than those without a proper support system. Why? Because if your child is just beginning their journey into acting and modeling, then you’re going to be playing the role of their agent, manager and acting/modeling coach. Plus, children strive on praise and encouragement – so whether it’s sports, chess or a creative hobby like acting, it’s important that no matter their accomplishments, they will feel love and support at home.

So which roles will you have to play (besides the most important one of a parent, of course) for your actor/model child? Here are a few:


No actor has ever landed a role without going to countless auditions first. Same goes for models – their casting schedule can become quite overwhelming. So going to auditions and castings as much as possible is very important. But it can also make your kid feel impatient and demotivated because the reality is that with auditioning comes a lot of rejection. Motivate your kid by letting them know that this path was taken by their favorite actors and models and that they, too, will “make it” if they want it bad enough!


As a parent, you’re probably no stranger to time management – what’s with getting your kid to and from school or kindergarten, after-school curriculums, play dates, fitting in homework, dinner, etc. It’s a lot, and if you add auditions and castings to the equation, things can get out of hand, fast. So taking the time to sit down and properly organize yours and your kid’s schedule is essential. Plan your travel accordingly. Take traffic into consideration. And don’t beat yourself up if you have to skip some auditions and castings due to scheduling conflicts – after all, you can’t be at two places at once!


If your child’s acting or modeling career takes off, they’ll eventually have a team of people informing them and protecting them legally. For now, as a parent, you should always be in the know about important details like changes in the child entertainment laws in your state (check them out HERE). Always carefully read through any contracts once your child gets the gig. Learn if they need work permits in your state (you’ll have to bring them on set and renew as needed). And most importantly, learn your child’s rights in this industry. Go to SAG-AFTRA (short for Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) for more.

A Safety Net

We always stress that acting and modeling auditions come with a lot of rejection. Even if your child is the most talented in the room, it doesn’t mean that they’re right for the role. So let your child know that being invited to audition is already a success on their part and that if they don’t get a callback, it’s still a step in the right direction. Your child should know that even if they don’t succeed, you’ll still be there to love and support them. After all, parents are the ones catching their kids when they fall – figuratively and literally speaking.

It’s clear that the role you play in your child’s acting and modeling career is the biggest one: you’re their driver, their coach, their manager, sometimes even their legal adviser, but most importantly, their biggest fan. Juggling parenting, your other duties, as well as your child’s passion for acting and modeling can be a tough task. But if getting in front of a camera, or onto the stage is what lights your kid up – it’s all going to be worth it!

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