Your Guide to Baby Modeling

Many parents dream to see their adorable baby on the cover of a magazine or in commercials for their favorite baby brands. How thrilling would it be to see your baby’s big eyes, beautifully lit, look at you from a TV or a billboard. So if you think your baby is perfect for baby modeling, is photogenic, and your phone’s storage is almost full with baby pictures, then maybe you’re on the right path.

Where to start

The first, and most important step to get into this business is having good pictures of your baby. We’re not talking professional, expensive photoshoots. Simple, clear shots (even taken on your phone) that showcase your baby’s cuteness are fine. Make sure to capture your baby’s best assets, like their big, bright eyes, and an adorable smile. Casting directors want to see your baby’s natural beauty, so forget about flashy clothes, or “Toddlers and Tiaras”-like styling. Keep it simple. To learn more about the best angles and techniques for baby pictures, click here.

Where to apply

Once you have the photos, time to apply to castings and auditions. KidsCasting is a great place to start your baby’s modeling career with no third party involvement (like a modeling agency or a talent agent). That means you can search and apply to however many casting calls in your area and all around the U.S. We recommend applying to as many casting calls as possible, particularly open casting calls (meaning everyone is welcome to audition on the day).

How to prepare

After you submit your child’s photos and are (hopefully) invited to a casting/audition, time to prepare. Besides for a child to be photogenic and cute, casting professionals also look for a baby that will want and be able to sit through the actual photoshoot or the filming process. So make sure your kid is fed, had a nap, and all of his needs are met. Bring his favorite toy to the audition to distract him if he’s having a fit.

If your baby doesn’t do well in new surroundings and is very fidgety and temperamental, then chances are baby modeling is not their calling. Read more on how to survive your baby’s first casting here.

How much can my baby make?

One of the great perks of baby modeling that in some cases, it can actually pay for your child’s future education as well as help your household financially. While scoring a well-paid photoshoot or ad is not guaranteed, in some cases, companies pay more than $125 an hour for a project. Pay rate, of course, varies on the job. Bigger brands like Pampers, Baby Gap and the like tend to have bigger pay rates than smaller projects.

Babies and toddlers have fun with modeling. Like sports, hobbies and creative endeavors, it is another outlet to experience new things. Many parents will say that their babies light up when they see a camera flash, and genuinely seem to enjoy the process of a photoshoot, because with modeling kids get to play dress up, or play with new toys and have new experiences! Remember, babies and toddlers 0-4 years old absorb every new experience like little sponges. Each new, positive event helps them develop into well-rounded individuals, so we encourage you to try it for yourself and see if your kid is the next baby supermodel!

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